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SAI Kappa Psi

Rush SAI!

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Here is info on how to rush SAI.

Rules For Eligibility

* Must be enrolled in classes at CSU Fresno
* Must have completed at least 1 semester of college class(es) to be initiated, however all freshmen/transfer students are welcome to attend fall rush activities and be initiated in the spring.
* Must be enrolled in or have completed at least 1 music course.
* Must be at a performing level on 1 instrument (voice included).
* Must have a GPA of at least 2.5.
* Must not be a current or past member of:
      -Mu Phi Epsilon
      -Delta Omicron
      -Phi Beta
* Must not be accepted, but not yet initiated into any other
   national music fraternity or sorority within the last 12 months.

Rush Events


Member-In-Training Requirements

* Must receive an official invitation to join SAI.
* Must complete the pledging ceremony.
* Must wear the pledge pin throughout training.
* Must organize and participate in the MIT Musicale.
* Must organize and participate in the MIT Fundraiser.
* Must participate in a Service Project for the music department.
* Must pay the MIT Fee ($50) before the Pledging Ceremony.
* Must pay the Initiation and Badge Fee ($250) before the Exam.
* Must attend 4 weekly meetings with the VP of Membership to learn
   material for National exam.
* Must pass the National Exam for SAI membership.
   (test may be retaken if necessary)
* Must attend Initiation Ceremony

2011-2012 Positions Available

Vice President of Membership
Vice President of Ritual
Corresponding Secretary
Recording Secretary
Sergeant at Arms
Song Director
Social/Activities Committee
(VPM is Chairman)
Fraternity Education Committee
(VPR is Chairman)
Fundraising Committee
(Treasurer is Chairman)
Bylaws Committee
(Sergeant at Arms is Chairman)

Use the form below to submit your question to the President of the Kappa Psi Chapter!

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