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Sigma Alpha Iota's CSU Fresno Chapter

What is SAI?

  SAI is a music fraternity for women that is both professional and social. The Kappa Psi chapter of SAI is open to all female students attending CSU Fresno who hold a sincere interest in music, regardless of their major. SAI provides an opportunity for professional development and community involvement through our events, fundraisers, and service projects, while giving members the chance to perform and promote music during musicales. Most of all SAI is a sisterhood: a support network that spans throughout America where women work together and support each other so that they may enrich the lives of musicians and music lovers everywhere.

Mission Statement

The mission of Sigma Alpha Iota, International Music Fraternity, is to encourage, nurture, and support the art of music.

The 7 Purposes of SAI

To form
To uphold
To further
To give
To organize
To support
To adhere

Chapters of women college students

and alumnae who have a sincere interest in music.


The highest standards of music.



The development of music in America

and throughout the world.


Inspiration and encouragement to members.



The cultural life of sigma alpha iota members

as a contributing factor to their educational growth.


The ideals and goals of the member's alma mater.



To the highest standards of citizenship

in school, community and fraternity life.

SAI Kappa Psi Facts

* The Kappa Psi chapter was chartered only 8 years ago in 2003.
* The Alpha class was made up of 15 members.
* There are only 3 active members on campus this semester; however,
many alumnae are still very active in the chapter as well.
* There are currently 11 officer positions to be held in our chapter,
not including committees.

Sigma Alpha Iota International Fraternity for Women